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The Most Effective Recruiting Methods You Haven't Tested Yet


As the way we engage with one another continues to change, everyone's looking to up their recruitment game to get in front of the best talent. Let's take a look outside of the box at different recruitment techniques that will help move the needle for your staffing firm in the coming year. Topics that we'll cover during this webinar include:

  • Innovative sourcing methods like TikTok
  • How to use technology to boost the recruitment process and candidate experience
  • Methods to source diverse candidates
  • The importance of creating a community to engage with potential candidates


Expert panel includes:


Jessica Rowen - Able Webinar Panelist


Jessica Rowen

National Marketing Manager

Jessica Rowen has spent 15 years experimenting in digital marketing. When she turned her attention to the recruitment &amp; staffing industry 7 years ago, she recognized a real opportunity to adapt traditional recruitment strategies for the digital age. First at one of the largest staffing agencies in the world, then a boutique tech recruitment agency, and now TalentWorld - the next big thing. 

At TalentWorld, Jessica works on an interdisciplinary team made up of marketing, recruitment, and tech experts. Their mission is to leverage technology where is makes sense – not to replace humans but rather to enhance the experience for recruiters, candidates, and clients alike.

Jessica is also an advocate for training recruiters in digital marketing tactics. She believes that with a
fundamental understanding, recruiters can spend less time on attraction and more time building
chemistry with people.




Joey Brodsky

Manager of Business Development
BlueWave Resource Partners

Joey is an Orlando native with a passion for all things technology. He is the Manager of Business Development at BlueWave Resource Partners, a boutique recruiting firm focused on scaling rapid-growth startups and venture capital-backed companies. Joey has been hands-on in helping grow awareness of the Orlando tech community through participation in local Meetups and organizing one of the newest initiatives, Project Orlando.



Robert Mann


Robert Mann

Sales And Content Specialist
Great Recruiters

Rob is a staffing & recruiting professional that focuses on adding automation to agency tech stacks through a simplification of marketing, onboarding, and general processes. The goal is to help agencies convert more candidates and sales contacts and improve the #peopleexperience with their brands.

In the last 3 years, he is grateful to have worked with the industry leaders in staffing technology to help 250+ Staffing & Recruiting companies understand how automation and AI can fit into their daily lives. He is also the host of the You Own the Experience Podcast, a podcast that highlights the people experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, as well as how technology impacts those experiences.