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Integration is the Key to Success
for Power Personnel

Case Study

Rickey Green, CEO and co-owner of Power Personnel, admits that he is not a “tech guy,” but that doesn’t mean he’s not a tech visionary. One of Power Personnel’s key differentiators is how they embrace technology in all aspects of their business. When it comes to onboarding a newly hired employee, they view the employee experience as a vital first impression and want to ensure that the process is easy to complete and user-friendly.

Additionally, being tech-forward means Power Personnel needs technology that works well with the other technology running their organization, and key criteria for picking new solutions always includes the ability to integrate with their current platforms—which led the organization to Able.

Based in Northern California and around for 25 years, the healthcare staffing company has provided exceptional staff to healthcare facilities—for any role, including janitors, nurses, and managers—and rewarding job opportunities to Bay Area job seekers.

Their focus is to deliver workforce solutions to healthcare organizations through exceptional candidates with diverse and inclusive services. A Black-owned business, Power Personnel’s focus on diversity permeates throughout the organization, including ownership, management, internal staff, and their employees on assignment. Although some of the diversity is organically associated with the positions they fill, it’s a big part of their culture of inclusivity. 

Beyond creating an efficient onboarding process, Power Personnel had a few different mission-critical items they wanted to address in bringing in Able. The most important need was an integration with their front-end applicant tracking system, Bullhorn. By integrating with their ATS, Able allows them to eliminate duplicate entries and have one main database. They also required a technology that was mobile-friendly. Part of their recruitment strategy includes mobile engagement like text messaging their candidates, making mobile functionality integral to their process. 

Serving the healthcare industry requires the need to have proper credentialing provided by the candidate. Automating the form assignment and collection process was another problem they were looking to solve. If parts of the forms or credentialing process are missed, they need a system to easily see those gaps and remind candidates that pieces of information are missing.

By leveraging Able’s onboarding technology, Power Personnel quickly became more efficient and effective at working with candidates during onboarding. The integration to Bullhorn allows all files to reside in one database. The ability to automate workflows means less effort in creating and capturing new hire packages. And Able’s mobile-first design makes it easy to work with today’s candidates. 

Additionally, in healthcare, there are a number of disparate, unique forms required by each facility Power Personnel works with. It’s easy to build forms in Able, and the system is flexible enough to capture each unique set per facility, as well as track the necessary credentials required for each unique position. If a candidate starts the forms process and does not complete them or provide the proper credentials, reminders are sent via text message. 

Power Personnel has also been able to automate the I-9 and E-Verify process through Able and is exploring integrations for background checks, as well. Rickey states, “Able helps us go beyond basic onboarding—our forward vision is to integrate Able with all the other platforms that make our recruitment and hiring process work.”

By leveraging Able’s onboarding technology, and integrating it with their ATS, Power Personnel has eliminated duplicate data entry from their process. In addition, with employee packets going out electronically and being mobile-enabled, 35-40% of their post-hire work has been eliminated, including tracking down credentials.

By running processes that occur outside Able from within the system—such as I-9 and E-Verify—more efficiencies are gained. As Rickey states, “If we could have a temp just sign up and start submitting all their forms and credentials, it saves us a whole lot of time and money.”

Able helps us go beyond basic onboarding. Our forward vision is to integrate Able with all the other platforms that make our recruitment and hiring process work.

Rickey Green

CEO, Power Personnel