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Mobile-First Onboarding Helps Drive Success for Atlas Staffing

Case Study

Atlas Staffing was founded in 2011 by Joshua McKee and his team of passionate solution-seekers and focuses on light industrial staffing solutions. Mckee was driven to start a staffing company that focused on one key component of success that most staffing companies left out: the real needs of the people who turn to them for help - the employees.

Atlas Staffing is dedicated to consistently creating people-oriented solutions for those who are seeking new jobs and careers, and the employers who want to hire them. It built on a foundation that includes principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, and communication. And in order to stay at the forefront of the industry, it invests in solutions that drive the most positive and productive results.

Atlas Staffing was looking for a mobile-first and easy-to-use onboarding solution. Its previous solution was an employee portal that was not mobile-friendly. As a result, they ran into a lot of issues with candidates not being able to complete their onboarding documents since most did not have access to a traditional computer. This resulted in countless lost employees and lots of wasted time and effort on both ends. 

By leveraging Able’s onboarding technology and its bilateral communication with Bullhorn, Atlas Staffing is able to have all files reside in one database.

Plus, Able's mobile functionality has reduced drop-off and automated the capturing and management of the new hire data, including WOTC information. Now that most offices are by appointment only, potential employees can do all of their onboarding remotely and come into the office for the drug screen and then head straight to work. 

Simply put, Able’s onboarding solution is saving Atlas Staffing both time and money. Since implementation, its new employee onboarding time has gone from approximately 1-hour to an average of about 10-minutes.

Atlas Staffing was also able to reassess its internal employee job roles that were dedicated solely to onboarding and are happy to report that the position is no longer needed and is now focusing on recruiting.

In addition, when COVID hit, it was a great opportunity to evaluate the paper forms that were being utilized and recreate them in the Able system in an electronic format. This reduced the need for candidates to visit the office to complete paperwork since it could now be done remotely. 

Atlas Staffing also realized an unexpected benefit to its new platform: it's now easy to see the big picture and know that all of the pieces of the onboarding puzzle are getting completed in a timely manner.

Able makes onboarding so much easier for our candidates, which then makes it easier on our internal team and our workload.

Karli McKee

Marketing Specialist, Atlas Staffing