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How Digital Transformation is Forcing Staffing Firms to Step Up Compliance


Digital transformation is allowing staffing firms to rethink the way they operate creating branchless, on-demand opportunities with automation being at the center of those efforts. This allows for less overhead, borderless hiring, more streamlined hiring processes, more focused recruiters, and a better overall candidate experience.  But what is being lost in translation when you remove the "human" from the compliance process? The intimate compliance knowledge that your teams have been tasked with managing for years.

During this webinar, you will hear from industry experts on how to:

  • Effectively move to a branchless (or more digital) staffing approach without worrying about federal, state, and local tax and employment law requirements
  • Remove I-9 struggles from your teams' plate
  • Create a centralized compliance structure that puts the candidates in control


Expert panel includes:

Circle - David Nadall


David Nadall

National Director of Strategic Partnerships

David Nadell is the National Director of Strategic Partnerships with Crimcheck. He is a veteran of the employment background screening and HR technology industry, where for the past twenty years he has lead strategic partnerships, marketing, and sales for leading background check companies and complementary service providers. Before entering the background check industry in 2001, David fulfilled his interests in marketing, technology, and law by serving as the director of business development for an advertising agency that became one of the internet’s earliest eCommerce platforms. In addition to employment screening, David led marketing and channel development for Social Intelligence Corp., the first FCRA and EEOC compliant provider of social media background check solutions, and he served as Vice President of Form I-9 Compliance, where he helped launch the first designated agent of the DHS and SSA for employment eligibility verifications through E-Verify bundled with an electronic Form I-9 solution.

Circle - Keiko Lam

Keiko Lam
I-9 and E-Verify Product Owner

Keiko is currently the I-9 and E-Verify Product Owner at Able. She has over 13 years of experience in I-9 and E-Verify across multiple industries and in various capacities. She moved from a support role answering compliance questions into the HR space where she met with employees to help improve their onboarding experience. After that, Keiko decided to take a consultative role, providing compliance guidance to HR management teams across many sectors. She has a passion for approaching I-9 compliance with a focus on the employer and employee experience.

Keiko keeps busy with her children but enjoys playing fantasy baseball, during baseball season, of course. She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Architecture.