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Corporate Brokers Decreases Onboarding Time by 83% with Able

Case Study

Corporate Brokers is a staffing firm that specializes in both IT and call center staffing. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, the firm's philosophy from the start has involved building strong, lasting connections with real people. Beyond Resumes is much more than a tagline for them, it is central in the way they approach staff augmentation.

They look for “filltential” everywhere they can. Positioned as one of the company’s core tenets, Corporate Brokers defines “filltential” as the business of helping people and organizations realize and fulfill their highest potential; the belief that an opportunity to fulfill potential will allow one to impact the world in a lasting way; daring to identify and fulfill one’s own potential.

In the daily work of building relationships, ensuring clients and candidates have the tools needed to grow and reinforcing that people are more than paper, Corporate Brokers found itself in need of a stronger onboarding solution. 

Corporate Brokers didn't realize that there were better options for I-9 compliance until they found Able at a staffing conference. The team had the opportunity to learn more about the potential ramifications of being out of  I-9 compliance, further solidifying the importance of having an onboarding solution that could seamlessly handle this critical part of the process.

The additional challenges of their current onboarding solution were mounting and straining the time of their recruiters: 

  • The platform was clunky and not easy to use

  • I-9 compliance
  • They couldn't consistently open files in the platform  

  • They couldn't sign files when downloaded or see signatures 

  • Team members were tied up for hours troubleshooting system problems when they should have been recruiting or dealing with client relations

Corporate Brokers needed a new solution that could provide the necessary support and functionality to deliver a seamless, and trusted candidate experience.  

The Corporate Brokers team was committed to getting their recruiters back focused on the work that lay at the core of their business—connecting with hardworking people and building great relationships.

The automation and seamless workflows of the Able onboarding solution would not only allow recruiters to redirect their efforts from being consumed with manual processes and paperwork, but would also ensure compliance across every step of onboarding and an overall more efficient workflow. 

Months after their initial meeting, Corporate Brokers went live with Able, including a full integration with their current ATS, Bullhorn, as well as an electronic I-9 solution, and integrated background check solution.

Using Able’s fully-featured onboarding platform, Corporate Brokers was able to cut down time spent on onboarding processes from 1 hour to 10 minutes—an 83% decrease in time spent thanks to a completely automated and streamlined workflow. All the files are now downloaded directly into the system with just one click. 

This ease of use and efficiency provided by Able has freed up time across the company, allowing teams to troubleshoot bigger issues, be more hands on in the day-to-day of the core work and build stronger partnerships because they can spend less time chasing down paperwork.

Having a system that our employees feel confident in goes back into who we are as an organization; we want to help you achieve your best results, whether that's through how you sign your paperwork, making sure you get paid on time and correctly, or having an overall great onboarding experience.

Maggie Williams

Director of Performance, Corporate Brokers