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May 27, 2020

Episode 4: Earn the Right, Community-based Revenue Growth with Tim Wellmaker

You can’t ask someone for their business until you’ve earned that right.

That’s the principle that Tim “Coach” Wellmaker and his team at eHire center their business on — and it’s the revenue-driving principle that Coach discusses with Robert Mann on episode 4 of You Own the Experience. He lays out how to build a community engagement model that helps you make meaningful connections, which ultimately increase your revenue footprint.

eHire has successfully used this model to grow its business and can directly trace well over $3 million of revenue to this foundation. They’ve even built these ideas into their recruiting by building rapport to earn the right to ask personal questions.

With a few football metaphors sprinkled in, Coach explains how to operationalize this model by:

  • Forging relationships over years of consistent service to and engagement within your community
  • Building a sense of service into your organization
  • Tying your engagement model to KPIs, such as monthly performance by account reps

Check out the episode to hear more.

Theme music by Hendrick Valera
Editing & Mastering by Joel North