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May 13, 2020

Episode 3: Referrals, Reviews & Social Media with Justin Brandt and Rebeca Martinez

How did Ideal Personnel get over 250 reviews on Google, averaging 4.8 stars? On this week’s episode of You Own the Experience, Robert Mann interviews cofounders Rebeca Martinez and Justin Brandt about Ideal Personnel’s 10 year anniversary and their journey towards earning all those positive reviews.

Ideal Personnel built their stellar reputation in part through their use of social media to develop relationships with both clients and candidates, their continued investment into their internal talent and their use of the latest staffing tech. The result — 3 out of 5 of Ideal Personnel’s candidates come from referrals.

In the episode, Robert, Rebeca and Justin discuss:

  • The strategy behind and benefits of Ideal Personnel’s social media presence
  • Why they became an early adopter of video conferencing software and how it can be used to maximum effect
  • How building great relationships has been a through line in Ideal Personnel’s 10 year history

Theme music by Hendrick Valera

Editing & Mastering by Joel North