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July 7, 2020

Episode 7: Digital Transformation for Recruiting Agencies with Brian Cunningham

On this episode of You Own the Experience, Robert Mann interviews Brian Cunningham on how digital transformation can make or break recruiting agencies. Cunningham highlights the vital importance of leveraging technology to enable recruiters to do what they do best: talk.

Cunningham draws on his experience as the Managing Director at Allen Recruiting, a consulting agency based in Ireland that has grown 30% in the last year thanks to its digital transformation. For years, his recruiters would spend most of their days leaving voicemails to candidates that weren’t interested. This led to an unhappy and unproductive workforce.

That’s why Allen Recruiting decided to enhance their recruiting process. By adding technologies like Herefish and Calendly to their tech stack, recruiters could send automated emails to candidates and prioritize their own personal outreach to those that were more likely to engage.

You’ll also hear Cunningham discuss:

  • Allen Recruiting’s successful framework
  • The importance of data quality for successful automation in recruiting
  • The future of staffing and the remote-work culture
  • Digital transformation as a necessity in the age of COVID-19

Check out the episode to hear more.

Theme music by Hendrick Valera
Editing & Mastering by Joel North