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August 5, 2020

Episode 9: The Automated Approach to Candidate & Employee Engagement with Pankaj Jindal


In this episode of the You Own the Experience podcast, Robert Mann talks with Pankaj Jindal about how engagement automation can supercharge your approach to staffing. Jindal is a Co-Founder at Sense, a full System of Engagement focused on improving results and productivity throughout the candidate lifecycle.

Pankaj Jindal breaks down common myths about engagement automation — explaining how the right tools can increase personalization rather than decreasing it — and provides a litany of examples illustrating the vast cost- and time-saving capabilities of these tools.

In this episode, you’ll also hear about:

  • The power and potential within your own database — and how to more easily unlock this talent
  • How recruiters can get back two-thirds of their day into more revenue-generating activity
  • What a system of engagement is and why it could be the future of staffing

Don’t forget to submit your questions for our “Ask Lauren” segment via email to robert.mann@employstream.com. This is a segment of the podcast where Robert Mann asks Lauren Jones, Consultant & Advisor to the Staffing & Recruiting Industry, Tech Stack Expert, and HR Tech Super Nerd, fiery questions from listeners like you about the staffing industry.

Check out the episode to hear more. 

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