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September 8, 2021

Episode 35: The role of your CFO in Digital Transformation with Tom Nehila

On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren B. Jones are joined by Tom Nehila, CFO of The Global Trust Project, a non-profit startup that aims to protect the world’s personal information from those who might seek to do harm with it or make profit from it. Prior to his current position, Nehila was a staffing finance veteran who had worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Here Mann, Jones, and Nehila discuss the undeserved reputation of finance departments within staffing and recruiting firms. They look at how the role of finance is often misunderstood: how these teams are often seen as ‘no’ people, an organizational anchor dragging along the seafloor, but how in reality they’re more akin to the ship’s navigator, tasked with charting a safe and profitable course.

The crew also chats about:

  • How Netflix has nailed the trust and transparency needed for financial success.
  • Finance as the pragmatic partner that every technology professional needs.
  • Why ‘procurement’ feels like the ‘Voldemort’ of staffing.
  • The preference of ‘ginormous’ over ‘huge’ for a certain New Jersian.

Check out the episode to learn more.

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