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June 16, 2021

Episode 30: DEI and Entrepreneurship with Ginette Harvey

On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren B. Jones sit down to rap about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the staffing industry. 

They also discuss the books they are reading; Lauren is reading Magic Blue Rocks by April Shprintz and Rob is reading No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer.  Later they are joined by Ginette Harvey, Founder of Harper & Gray, a diversity- and inclusion-focused talent solutions firm. Despite checking every DEI box — female, bi-racial, and a migrant from a low socioeconomic background — Harvey managed to climb the corporate ladder and now offers her own clients an almost unmatched level of personal experience in staffing & DEI.

Mann, Jones, and Harvey discuss the journey to and through entrepreneurship for those who don’t often see themselves represented in leadership and the challenges of the process for women and minorities. They walk through the entire process, from developing an idea to planning to make the leap, and ultimately making the new business work.

The trio also chats about:

  • The reasons that DEI can’t be treated as an added extra, and must be woven into the fabric of your organization.
  • The increasing effectiveness of branding, and how to make it perfectly personal.
  • Thoughts on white, middle-aged males from a white, middle-aged male (a very self-aware Mann.)

Check out the episode to learn more.

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