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April 7, 2021

Episode 25: Automation, Marketing, and Sales Secrets for Staffing Firms with Billy Davis

On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann is joined by Billy Davis, Director of Implementation for Herefish by Bullhorn, a marketing automation tool designed to help staffing firms enhance their candidate and customer journeys, while easing the burden on recruiters.

Here Mann and Davis take a look at the current state of automation technology within staffing: its adoption, what it’s capable of, and why certain firms continue to feel hesitancy toward it. They take a slightly different approach, talking about the lesser known benefits of automation paired with the importance of marketing, like how the process of adoption can be an introspective one, and can serve to give a firm real purpose.

The pair also chat about:

  • How kickstarting automation adoption can turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Where automation ROI lives.
  • How to pivot and create a frictionless selling process. 
  • The secret to closing deals (data is only part of it).

Check out the episode to learn more. 

During this week's “Ask Lauren” segment of the podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren Jones, Consultant & Advisor to the Staffing & Recruiting Industry and HR Tech Super Nerd, answer fiery questions from listeners like you about the staffing industry. You can submit your questions via email to Rob@greatrecruiters.com.

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