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March 24, 2021

Episode 24: Trends Set to Shape the Future of Staffing with Tom Kosnik

On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann is joined by Tom Kosnik, President of Visus Group, a staffing consultancy that specializes in helping staffing firms grow and evolve.

Here Mann and Kosnik take a look at the current state of the staffing industry from a birds-eye view, to identify the areas that recruiters and their firms should be focusing their energies on. They discuss the prospects of the industry in 2021 and beyond, and what firms and professionals must do to succeed in the new normal - an industry that is high-growth, brand-aware and technologically-minded.

The pair also chat about:

  • The four key traits of a successful modern recruiter.
  • How personal branding can help your recruiters replace cold calls with warm leads.
  • Why recruiters need to be expert consultants, not salespeople.

Check out the episode to learn more. 

During this week's “Ask Lauren” segment of the podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren Jones, Consultant & Advisor to the Staffing & Recruiting Industry and HR Tech Super Nerd, talk about the 3 big buzz words that came up during SIA Executive Forum 2021.  Portal, Omnichannel, & platform... POP for short.

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