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February 10, 2021

Episode 21: Why recruiters need to think of themselves as ‘smarketers’ with Darren Westall

On this episode of the You Own The Experience podcast, Robert Mann is joined by Darren Westall, CEO and founder of UK-based Paiger, an award-winning staffing marketing tool.

Mann and Westall discuss the need for both staffing CEOs and recruiters to up their marketing game. They talk about how COVID has served to separate the wheat from the chaff, and how the staffing firms that have managed to realize true success in the last 12 months have checked specific marketing boxes.

The duo also chat about:

  • The technologies that grant recruiters incredible marketing power
  • The indignity of the phrase ‘marketing girl’ (and how Paiger is reclaiming it for charity)
  • The construction of a sturdy soapbox

Check out the episode to learn more. 

During this week's “Ask Lauren” segment of the podcast, Robert Mann and Lauren Jones, Consultant & Advisor to the Staffing & Recruiting Industry and HR Tech Super Nerd, answer fiery questions from listeners like you about the staffing industry. You can submit your questions via email to Rob@greatrecruiters.com.

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