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Category: On-Demand

WorkN is an on-demand staffing platform that combines mobile-first technology, industrial-grade workforce management, and a robust, white-labeled mobile app to create a centralized mobile experience. Able integrates seamlessly into the WorkN interface for candidates, so there is no need to jump portals to onboard.

On-Demand Staffing For The Future

avionte real time

Increase Recruiter Productivity

Automating the “busy work” results in increased Gross Profit per Recruiter, and more recruiting time focused on servicing customers. Recruiters use the platform as a recruiting tool, and love the flexibility to engage talent to generate “interest” or to distribute “offers” in real-time – we understand that not every position will be distributed “on-demand”.


Improve Redeployment Rates

Curating talent pools ensures that talent receives in-app push notifications about new opportunities and offers in real-time, leveraging WorkN’s patented Worker Ranking technology with algorithmic matching to ensure that the phone “wakes up” for relevant opportunities. WorkN provides the platform to build a robust Total Candidate Experience in the app, giving talent more autonomy and flexibility.


Automate the Busy Work

The impact to time savings is immeasurable across various roles in the organization, allowing your team to be more proactive and less reactive. Quick wins include automation of scheduling to replace spreadsheets, and push notifications that replace old methods of communication like mass texting, hammering phone calls, and sending emails for recruitment.


Create a Competitive Advantage

Leverage WorkN’s Client Portal to allow clients to enter orders and benefit from real-time access and transparency into workforce management, timecard approvals, geofencing, and worker performance metrics. Staffing firms can customize the levels of controls for each Client Portal to meet their unique needs.

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