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Sense’s engagement platform increases loyalty with a more human and personal contractor experience. Sense automates, personalizes, and optimizes communications for key stages of the candidate and contractor lifecycle while uncovering actionable insights to increase engagement and lower attrition. Take your automation to the next level when you combine Sense's platform with Able's automated onboarding.

Make happy talent your competitive advantage. Personalize, automate, and optimize each step of the candidate journey.

Engage candidates and contractors via text & email

Engage candidates and contractors via text & email

Keep talent engaged and up to date, and never let follow-up tasks fall through the cracks again. From interview reminders and tips to first day check-ins, Sense keeps you top of mind with candidates and contractors throughout the talent lifecycle, while freeing up your team from routine processes. Smart workflows personalize and trigger email and text messages at the right moments for maximum impact, with engaging video and rich media content. Messages come from your team, and include surveys, NPS, reminders, and check-ins.

Sense + Able

Reduce attrition and increase redeployment

You've spent resources finding the best talent, now maximize your ROI by making sure they stick around. Sense lets you design and deliver candidate and contractor experiences that can become your competitive advantage. On average, Sense customers see a 50% increase in redeployment and a 20% decrease in attrition. Whether keeping contractors informed and engaged, or giving your staff early warnings of potential no-shows, Sense is always working to help your team and talent put their best foot forward and delight your clients.

Realtime workforce insights and Net Promoter Score

Realtime workforce insights and Net Promoter Score

Keep a realtime pulse on NPS and satisfaction and uncover insights into what's working and what's not. Instead of long, annual NPS surveys, Sense keeps track of candidate and contractor NPS with pulses that show you exactly where you're winning and losing with your talent. Uncover drivers for satisfaction, and drill down into NPS by recruiter. Sense also helps you improve and amplify NPS in realtime, flagging detractors for personal follow-up and prompting promoters to leave a review on Glassdoor.

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