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Category: ATS

Mindscope is a full-service staffing and recruitment SAAS developer and provider offering applicant tracking, customer relationship management, unified communications, and task management. Mindscope gives recruiters robust front and back-office functionality. The company is known for its leading customer service, high overall product quality, and extremely flexible configuration capabilities. Mindscope’s partnership with Able allows its thousands of users to streamline their onboarding process, making it up to 90% faster than ever before. The integration empowers agencies to make more placements, while at the same time appealing to candidates with an improved, mobile-friendly user experience.

Revolutionizing the industry by proving feature-richness and user-friendliness can coexist


The most modern user-interface/user-experience on the market

The ability to access astounding feature-richness using a state-of-the-art UI/UX sets Mindscope years ahead of any other ATS in the industry. The system’s innovative look-and-feel is brilliant in its simplicity while retaining all of Mindscope’s powerful features that its users have come to
rely on. Since Mindscope’s UI/UX was built using technology that is completely new to the industry, it doesn’t just “catch up” —it leapfrogs over the competition, and in doing so, helps Mindscope’s customers achieve the same


An incredibly robust product with hundreds of valuable features

For over a decade, Mindscope has been recognized for its unparalleled robustness and innovative features, now offered on the most intuitive technology available on the market. Mindscope’s quarterly software releases are rapidly developed to keep recruiters on the cutting-edge with powerful tools designed for improved productivity and increased profits. Close relationships established with clients and key industry luminaries allow Mindscope to anticipate future trends and customer needs before they happen.

Customer Service Office

A reputation for superior customer service

Across the staffing and recruitment software industry, Mindscope stands out as a customer service powerhouse. The company has many users who have remained loyal to the product for over a decade! The Mindscope team is comprised of leaders in their respective fields – from previous executives at some of the world’s largest staffing agencies, to skilled development talent, highly-experienced trainers and more. Mindscope is a group of avid software fanatics, passionate about the industry.

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