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Credentialing made Easy.

Able offers healthcare staffing firms end-to-end candidate intake, credentialing, and onboarding. It creates a seamless experience for clinicians, and simple workflows for recruiters and auditing teams. Any device, any position, one portal.

Improve Healthcare Onboarding

Able's onboarding automation empowers you to improve the candidate experience, streamline complex hiring workflows, and ensure every employee has a great first day. Candidate experience is what matters the most, and providing clinicians the ability to perform these tasks from their cell phones has shown to reduce time-to-hire by 75%.


Credential Automation + Mobile Skills Checklist

Able's credential automation was designed to work with ATS systems and facility-level requirements to reduce repetitive workflows related to re-credentialing existing employees. Plus, candidates can easily manage skills checklists from any device, and staffing firms can leverage existing checklists with a user-friendly builder.

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Easy Remote I-9

I-9 management is fully integrated and fully remote. There is now a simple and compliant way to complete Sections 1 & 2 of Form I-9 with out-of-the-box tools via a single, simple interface.


Onboarding Automation

Don’t waste time on busywork: automate the processes that stand in the way of getting to work. Give your team 40% of their day back by consolidating and automating workflows — from the most straightforward to the diabolically complex — with a single piece of software.


Resource-Case Study - Fusion

The Fusion Success Story

Fusion Medical Staffing, a healthcare staffing firm that places candidates nationwide, searched for an onboarding solution to better both their internal user experience and the candidate experience. They ended up with Able.

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