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October 15, 2017

Three Signs Your Staffing Firm Needs Onboarding Software

Papers, processes and people.  These are the three most important pieces of many businesses.  But, these can also be the areas that cause the most errors and longest delays resulting in wasted dollars and compliance risks for staffing firms.

Paper forms create more than just clutter; they tend to make people error-prone and are time-consuming, costly to maintain, and often downright inconvenient. Their use also generally necessitates data entry later, and that gives more opportunities for mistakes, delays and inefficiencies.

“Between manual labor associated with preparing, processing and entering paper-based forms into a computer system and the cost of paper, printing and storage, staffing firms spend an average of up to $40 per candidate. If errors occur in the process, that number can quickly jump even higher.

A digital approach to hiring and onboarding means more visibility, accessibility and process control… let along savings on potential fines and data entry.  But that doesn’t mean onboarding software is the right fit for every staffing agency.

We’ve identified three triggers that should make onboarding software a serious consideration for your staffing firm:

  1. Staffing in high turnover industries

Compliance is key when you’re working to fill multiple positions.  In addition to sourcing and qualifying the right candidates as quickly as possible, you also need to make sure that the placement time is not delayed.  Unfortunately, a paper-based process comes with many risks.  The higher the number of new hires, the greater the probability that something will slip through the cracks. Onboarding software let’s you control your entire onboarding process with electronic document management and tracking so you don’t miss deadlines or have incomplete employee records.  Now, you can hire as many as possible and have peace of mind.

  1. Preparing to scale

Not all staffing firms want or need to grow.  As companies scale they will have more and more administration. When the process is automated it is easily repeatable with a fraction of the effort. If you’re firm is planning for a growth phase, speed and having a solid foundation are crucial to scaling success.  Having the right people in place to help grow your client base is only part of the bigger picture.  Incorporating onboarding software allows you to scale quicker by closing the gap between placement and start date through automation.  In fact, our clients have been able to hire 90% faster through our onboarding platform!

New offices, new locations and new clients can require customized forms or state-specific documents which can take time away from running the business.  An automated onboarding process not only drastically speeds up mundane processes, but allows your team to spend more time building new client relationships.

  1. Enhance your ATS or Payroll systems

Why should you toggle between multiple platforms when following a candidate from new hire to paid employee?  Adding onboarding software with your existing ATS or payroll system gives you the power of a single, integrated platform that allows you to manage each step of the process, confirm documents were signed and their information goes straight to payroll without any mistakes or missteps.  Plus, this provides a great user experience.

There are many other signs, or triggers, that could signal it may be time to explore the benefits of onboarding software.  Even if your firm is not experiencing any of the above, efficiency and reducing costs are always reasons to just take a look!

Are you experiencing any of these scenarios?  If so, schedule a Discovery call or request a live demo with our team to find out how we can support your business goals!

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