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July 1, 2020

Three Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

By now, it’s a foregone conclusion that the world is going mobile-first. If you need any more convincing of that, just consider that:

People use mobile devices because they are convenient. Driven recruiters know that you need to go where your candidates are, and increasingly, they’re on mobile devices. The benefits of mobile recruiting have grown to be too significant to ignore.

Mobile-First vs. Mobile-Friendly

Not too long ago, “responsive design” was being touted as the ideal design principle to embrace when building and updating websites. Instead of building a separate mobile website, companies were encouraged to design their website to have a flexible layout that would display well on any screen size — creating a “mobile-friendly” experience. This allowed companies to manipulate their content for multiple devices without losing the ability to convey their message in a meaningful way.

Responsive design is not a bad principle, but now a strong mobile presence is no longer an option for staffing firms — it’s a must-have if you’re going to attract the best and brightest candidates. The best practice has shifted from mobile-friendly digital experiences to mobile-first.

How Mobile Recruiting Impacts the Hiring Cycle

So, what does embracing a mobile-first mindset do for your company? There are many marketing benefits of this approach, from conveying a modern brand image to making it easier for a candidate to communicate with your firm. The benefits of mobile recruiting extend beyond the technical: It’s also about accepting that mobile is the first and sole device a new generation of career seekers want to use. That sort of thinking matters when engaging an increasingly digital workforce.

Not sure whether you’re fully bought into the value of a mobile-first approach to candidate engagement? Consider these three benefits of mobile recruiting to see how the mobile-first mindset can give you a leg-up for finding the best talent for your job openings and retaining that talent after the first day.

Benefit 1 — Attracting Better Talent

Mobile recruiting allows staffing companies to connect with job seekers on their chosen device at any given time. Reaching prospects through mobile devices also allows for an enhanced candidate experience, enabling employers to engage job seekers by using new tactics. According to a Glassdoor study, 58 percent of their users search for jobs with their phones, with more than a third reporting that they prefer to apply to jobs over their smartphones.

The reality is that staffing firms and their recruiters who embrace mobile have an easier time attracting better talent. Not only does optimizing for mobile give recruiters access to a larger candidate pool, it also attracts high-quality candidates interested in working for companies that have embraced modern technology.

Benefit 2 — Faster Onboarding

In many cases, the onboarding process of gathering and sending forms, scheduling background screenings and more takes a toll on recruiters as they look to fill other positions and drive revenue. This is where those taking advantage of the benefits of mobile recruiting can flourish.

Transferring the paperwork and screening process to a mobile experience not only significantly cuts onboarding time, it also presents a better experience for candidates when completing and signing all the necessary documentation. Plus, recruiters will make fewer paperwork errors and save time by not having to ask the candidate to come by the office or wait for a package of documents to be mailed back to them.

With onboarding it’s time to automate or die. check out our ebook and learn how to reduce your cost-per-hire and streamline your onboarding process.

Benefit 3 — Staying Engaged

One of the major benefits of mobile recruiting is that it opens up possibilities for engagement that would otherwise be impossible.

Consider, for instance, a candidate with a special talent that’s already on the job or has completed their assignment, and they are deemed to possess special talent. Why not keep them at your fingertips? Instead of making a note in your CRM or writing a special note in their file, you could set up an automated text to be sent out when they match another opening.

Or, you could use mobile to solicit on-going feedback, such as brief surveys after their first week or month, and show your best talent that you care about their experience.

Once you have people in your most placeable candidate (MPC) bucket, using text and mobile features within an engagement platform not only increases your chances of retaining your MPCs, but doing so keeps you at the top of their list as a trusted source of ongoing work.

So how does your firm take full advantage of mobile recruiting?

  • We’ve already touched on one preliminary aspect of the process: Buying into the mobile-first mindset to begin with. Without buy-in among your company’s leadership and recruiters, this transformation can’t happen… at least, not successfully.
  • Once you’ve achieved that, start a list of communication platforms and processes that could use a mobile boost. Things like your website or your front- and back-office software platforms are great places to start.
  • Finally, once you have the roadmap in place, it’s time to start incorporating ways you can test out mobile touch points within your communication process.

In this new landscape of the gig economy and a Millennial workforce, those staffing firms that establish the strongest relationships with not just their clients, but the right talent to complete clients’ jobs, will win. The benefits of mobile recruiting are clear: by going mobile-first, you can raise the user experience bar, resulting in better talent, better results and better profitability.

So, why not give it a shot? Interested in seeing our platform built with mobile in mind? Reserve time for a personal demo here.