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July 6, 2021

The Need for Humanity in Social Recruiting

As a field built on relationships, recruiting and staffing is an inherently social pursuit. The recruiter is tasked with bringing clients and candidates together, and the best tend to possess elite interpersonal skills. They play the roles of sympathizer, supporter, motivator, and influencer.

It’s this last point that we’ll take a closer look at today. It’s time to talk about social recruiting.

Social Recruiting with automation

While it’s now an accepted part of the social media experience, people don’t visit social platforms seeking solicitation or marketing. They go looking for information, entertainment, and most of all, human connection.

As this is a technology- and automation-focused blog, the following piece of advice might come as a bit of a surprise: do not automate social media activity.

Posting and engaging on social media is one of those high-value activities that a recruiter must keep distinctly human. No bot or content generation tool exists that can capture your unique personality. If you copy and paste content your audience will either realize that fact or be too bored by your content to notice.

Automation certainly has a place in social recruiting, like in the scheduling of posts or sending pre-written responses to basic questions. But to realize success with social media content and outreach, a recruiter must remain hands-on.

Developing a social recruiting strategy

You’ve affirmed your commitment to doing social media right. Great to hear. The next step is actually doing it.

Putting together a social recruiting strategy is key. Begin to build a basic plan by asking yourself:

  • Where am I going to engage with candidates? In reality, LinkedIn should just be the start! Build a presence wherever your audience hangs out, be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.
  • What is my objective? Do you aim to fill a specific role? Build your network? Establish yourself as a thought leader in the space? To succeed on social media, you must first grasp exactly why you’re there.
  • How will I track success? By roles filled via social media? By follower count? By reach? KPIs are as important in social media as they are in any other business or marketing function.

Remember that social media users are looking for personal connections. Show yourself to be both an expert in your field and a human being. Show some personality. Have a bit of fun. The content ideation process should be built around what your audience needs, but its creation and delivery should be built around who you are as a person. Aim to deliver valuable and varied content in a way that allows you to stay true to yourself.

Marketing Strategy Guide

The comment isn’t as important as your response

Nobody likes to receive a negative review, a thumbs down, or a catty comment. But they will come, no matter how much work you do to stop them. The good news? These events offer greater potential to build your brand than a 5-star review ever could.

If someone leaves a negative comment or review about your staffing firm or recruiter, no problem – you can’t please everyone, and no organization is perfect. But remember that the first thing your audience will do when they see it is look at your response, and judge you based on that.

How you handle tough or negative situations tells a candidate or client a lot about you as a recruiter or firm. If you approach these comments from a place of concern, honesty, and understanding, you can actually turn a 1-star review into an opportunity to build your business.

It’s time for the recruiting and staffing industry to treat social media with the seriousness it deserves. Do away with the ad hoc approach, and replace it with a coherent and targeted social recruiting strategy; one built to establish and grow human connections.