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March 7, 2018

Three Ways to Supercharge Your Bullhorn Experience

There’s no doubt that if you chose to utilize the Bullhorn experience, along with thousands of others across the globe, you understand the importance and value that an applicant tracking system (ATS) can provide for your business. You’ve made this investment with not just the candidate experience in mind, but your recruiters and back office as well - but it doesn’t stop there.

As an official marketplace partner, our onboarding automation and candidate experience platform integrates seamlessly into your Bullhorn experience. You may already be using an automated onboarding system, but now with Able, you could be getting so much more. We call it “next level Onboarding” and fortunately for Bullhorn users, it’s easy to get employees to work fast with us.

Sure, you’ll get a great mobile experience for your candidates and the operational efficiency you need to run your business well, but what else can you get out of this system? Here are three other ways to supercharge your Bullhorn experience with Able:

Simplify complex processes and workflows

We know each staffing firm has its own set of processes depending on the industry or internal requirements. We also understand you need a system that can not only adapt to your needs but make the experience better.

Our system gives you the power and flexibility to build complex onboarding packages and workflows designed to your needs and qualifications. You can easily create rules and decision trees based on a specific requirement from a client or expectation from an industry. Plus, package changes can be made on the fly saving you time when a great candidate is waiting to be placed.   

Improve the I-9 experience

Form I-9  is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. Couple that with completing an e-verify to ensure your candidate is eligible for employment and you could have difficulty providing the verification you need for confirmation.

With Able, these services are built into our platform providing a streamlined and mobile process that covers all the necessary steps need to verify your candidate’s employment eligibility. Features like capture photo identification and signature requirements directly from your phone eliminate the need for your candidates to come into the office!

Integrate your back office providers with ease

It’s just our technology way of life that you work with many back-office providers from WOTC to pre-employment screenings and background checks. With those partnerships usually comes another dashboard and a potentially clunky integration to make sure that there is a two-way connection with Bullhorn.

That is now in the past. Our platform is built on being integration-friendly and flexible to handle any back-office service. In addition, we bring these integrations into our interface so you can include them into your onboarding request for a one-click experience! You’ll gain visibility into your entire pre-employment processes all while living within the familiar Bullhorn environment!

If you are using Bullhorn and haven’t looked into what Able can do to improve your overall onboarding experience, now’s the time!