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March 14, 2019

Staffing Doesn't Have to be Like a Meat Processing Plant

You read that right.

The candidate experience in the staffing industry at times brings to mind images of a meat processing facility. Candidates are brought in single file, put onto onboarding conveyor belts, stamped as certified and delivered to clients. An endless supply of meat in, meat out, with most everyone being handled exactly the same. There’s no personalization based on the potential that could be inside; no warmth or special treatment. Job A is filled with Person A. If Person A doesn’t work out, Person B steps in, and so on…

Changing times

This mindless, factory-like processing may have worked in the past, but times are changing. Factors like a growing economy, endless competition, the Millennial generation, a focus on satisfaction, sites like Glassdoor.com and demand for less turnover is forcing the staffing industry to rethink (and improve) the candidate experience from all angles.

Firms can’t control what happens on the job, but they can control what happens in between. And sometimes, a positive experience is the difference driving a positive NPS score or a returning candidate. As an industry, we can no longer afford to take the candidate experience for granted.

What if Person A were the right person for the job from the get-go? And what if Person A felt like they were appreciated, not disposable? Even if the job was a short-term placement or not the best fit for Person A, if he or she had a memorable experience, they might come back for another opportunity or, better yet, recommend your firm to their friends.


Candidate Engagement is Crucial

That is why the right candidate experience is so crucial. Firms must deliver the “VIP” feeling of an executive-level placement, no matter the industry or job. Finding and retaining great talent is a survival tactic for staffing firms, after all, and the satisfaction of that talent need to be taken seriously from the first touchpoint with a candidate all the way through to their last day on an assignment.

When Temple Grandin helped redesign livestock handling systems at meat processing facilities to deliver a better experience for animals based on behavioral research, facility operators also found they benefited from an operational efficiency standpoint as well. In the staffing industry, firms who treat candidates more humanely throughout the process of getting them placed will find that they, too, benefit in the end.


Experience matters

Luckily, with the help of the right content, technology, and changes in workflow, it is now easier than ever to give every one of your candidates the “CEO experience”. From automated correspondence to intuitive onboarding to simple feedback collection, you can now add a feeling of personalization and customization to the candidate experience with minimal extra work on your end. You simply need the right tools in place to support a mindset that “experience matters”.