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January 8, 2021

Recruiter Knows Best: Able's January 2021 release

Putting Control In Your Hands

A new year brings many opportunities for growth and a fresh start. While we’re not hopping on the usual new year resolutions or “new year, new me” declarations, here at Able, we’re certainly excited about simply getting back to work—back to building a top-notch onboarding platform led by our customers, and back to helping everyday people get in the door at a great new job.

Our first product release of the year has a number of great updates, delivering significant enhanced controls in the hands of recruiters and administrators. We know how critical it is to be able to customize components of the onboarding workflow based on what works best for your business and ultimately for your candidates. 

As we dive into our product roadmap for the year, ensuring that our platform is delivering a hands-on, empowering experience for recruiters and administrators feels like the perfect start to working towards our collective end goal of delivering a smart and seamless candidate experience all year long.   

New Notifications Settings Category 

A new Notifications category in settings delivers more control and flexibility for users looking to gain a tighter handle on recruiter and candidate communications. Within this new category, recruiters now have the option to turn on or off the seven different notification preferences currently in the platform:

    • Applicant Onboarding Sent Notifications
    • Applicant Application Finished Notifications
    • Recruiter Credential Completed Notifications
    • Recruiter Documents Signed Notifications
    • Recruiter Welcome Email
    • Applicant Onboarding Signed Notifications
    • Applicant Onboarding Reminder Notifications

Of note, the current customer’s notification settings will not be impacted by this update. The default settings will match their existing settings. Customers will be able to administer their own notifications directly from within WFM.


I-9 Section 2 Requirement Support

To reinforce the requirement of a photo of the ID page and barcode page of a US passport, to be provided by the Authorized Representative, we’ve added more explicit instructions where this information is requested in the platform, including: 

    • Image capture titles will now be labeled “Identification Page” and “Barcode Page,” instead of “Front” and “Back”
    • On desktop, the “Capture” buttons have been updated to read “Capture Identification Page” and “Capture Barcode Page,” instead of “Capture Front” and “Capture Back”
    • Example images have been moved closer to the document capture interfaces
    • Example images have been updated to illustrations that help identify what needs to be captured


New Candidate “Professional References” Configurations

We want to ensure that recruiters have the information they need to follow up on candidate professional references based on their preferred method of outreach. We've introduced two new configurations which offer more control over the information that candidates are expected to provide for professional references. Recruiters are now able to choose if Professional References will require a phone number, an email address, both, or neither. 


Improved Form Manager User Experience

We’ve updated the user experience for administrators managing forms using the Form Manager to provide improved error messaging and prevention, additional guidance and instructions on the user interface, and in-line field validation. 


Stronger Management of E-Verify Cases

We know that managing multiple E-Verify cases can be complex and want to ensure that you have the most relevant information front and center. We’ve enhanced the E-Verify Dashboard 2.0 experience by focusing on showing information that is pertinent to managing cases, including:

  • Improving the content of the Status column
  • Improving the color-coding of the Status column
  • Removing the Alerts column

Additionally, we’ve also added a Notify-By Date column to the E-Verify Dashboard 2.0. If an Employee’s E-Verify Case results in a TNC, Employers now have ten federal working days to notify the employee and determine the course of action that they will follow to resolve it. This Notify-By Date is the latest date by which the Employer can indicate to E-Verify how the Employee intends to resolve the TNC.


For more details on this month's release, including additional enhancements and fixes, please check out our January product release notes here.

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