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July 1, 2018

What Millennials Expect from Staffing Firms | Recruiting Millennial Talent

An important shift in the American labor force happened in 2015, and you might have even missed it. The Millennial generation became the largest share within the labor force, even surpassing Gen X-ers. Although this rise happened gradually over the past decade, the Millennials impact was not felt lightly in the workforce economy. These new workers contributed heavily to the rise of the gig economy in the last years, increasing staffing focus on temporary positions and independent workers.

Hi. I’m Molly.

As a Millennial, it’s no surprise to me that my generation expresses different wants and needs from our hiring experiences and our workplace environments. Our upbringing shaped us to be communicators and team members, curious and technologically driven—all attributes we have learned to expect in every interaction we have with a potential company. If staffing firms want to resonate with Millennials, there are few things they should be cognizant of so they can continue to evolve with this new generation of employee.

We want to feel connected.

Whether it be through face-to-face or digital communication, Millennials crave connection to companies in a ways not many other generations experienced. Starting these connections early through the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process makes a world of difference to Millennials who are looking for engaging work environments. Remember, just because we want to feel like we’re a part of a team doesn’t mean we aren’t independent.  Millennials are looking for a company whose mission they connect to so they feel comfortable branching off and involving themselves in decision making and career-centric challenges.

We crave instant feedback.

Millennials grew up surrounded by gaming systems, social media, instant messaging and the Internet, which all thrive off of instant gratification through communication. If a company doesn’t use technology and implement automation that can keep up to speed with us, we get frustrated and lose interest. We’ve all applied to jobs with companies with slow interfaces, outdated portals and awful respond times upon receiving our resumes and applications. Personally, I find that companies that have attractive and workable design is of utmost importance when searching and applying for jobs. Their programs will then lend themselves to better usability and feedback delivery, making Millennials satisfied and fulfilled by their experience.

Check out our whitepaper as we examine what the Gig Economy represents and how embracing its core values will set your staffing firm up for future, long-term success.

We value technology and live mobile-first.

Because our upbringing was rich in technology, we like working for companies that value technology in the same ways we do. From integrating it into the workplace or customizing it for the company, Millennials like to know that our employees are being efficient and smart with technology. There are many tech-savvy companies that are on the cutting edge using new advancements in their workplace, so don’t risk being seen as a company that is years behind others. We realize technology is the future and want to use it to maximize our time and make our work more efficient- and we want our companies to care about that too.

Plus, we’re mobile-first doers and need recruiters to meet us where we live – on our convenient mobile channels and apps. Remember, we live in our omnipresent smartphones and use it in more of our everyday life than you think!

By adjusting your staffing process now, your company can recruit some of the best workers in the market while other businesses hesitate. Millennials are passionate, dedicated, driven and 83% said they like new professional challenges at their jobs in a recent survey. By connecting and engaging with us, as well as keeping our values and interests in mind, companies can easily cater to the new Millennial audience.

So, are you equipped to find the best in the Millennial talent pool? If not, give us a shout and let’s get you started.