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October 12, 2020

Interview with Fusion Medical Staffing

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara Spanjer, the Director of Operations at Fusion Medical Staffing, about her experience with Able’s onboarding platform. Some background about Fusion: It is a nationwide staffing corporation and works with hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and home health to provide rewarding positions for traveling nurses, lab, and therapy professionals. 

Sara stated that her overall goal and purpose for Fusion was to improve the lives of everyone they touch, which now included the need for a better, more streamlined hiring process. Here is a transcript of our full interview. Enjoy!

“Able has definitely been… a really great solution for us to improve on [the] experience for our users and our candidates.”


What problems were you trying to solve with Able?

Before we purchased Able, we had a very poor candidate and internal user experience with our onboarding system. Our internal users had a lot of duplication of work, glitches, and technical errors. This translated to internal frustration which was then passed on to the candidates that were being onboarded. 

There was also a big improvement needed on the candidate experience side. It was very confusing. Nobody likes to do a bunch of onboarding paperwork and so our candidates would get easily frustrated and complain about our system. We really needed to do better for them.


What was your onboarding like before Able?

Pretty bad! Our onboarding process was very sloppy. Able came in and really streamlined the experience for both our internal users and our candidates. It helped us to provide a much more pleasant onboarding experience - which nobody wants to do in the first place.


What do you like the most about Able?

It's been a good relationship. We've received very good support. I think we're given a fair and realistic expectation when we're asking for something and not over-promised and under-delivered, which is huge. 


Would you recommend Able?

Yes, I would! Again, we have used other products in the past, so it's not our first shot at this. Of everything that we have used, Able has definitely been the best product and been a really great solution for us to improve on that experience for our users and our candidates. So yes I would recommend it.