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August 5, 2021

Integration Is Critical for Great Candidate and Recruiter Experiences

Brand experiences matter.

Compare grinding, packing, brewing, and pouring your morning coffee to popping your favorite K-Cup in your Keurig. Compare driving to your local supermarket and finding out that you can buy groceries from your couch. 

Bad experiences leave a lasting impression; a bad taste in the mouth. Mediocre experiences tend to be eminently forgettable. But high-quality, intuitive, and human-centric experiences are memorable in a good way; one in which you’re left satisfied with your choice.

Only recently have the experiences offered in staffing and recruiting been compared to those offered to consumers, and it’s a concept that is beginning to sweep through the industry.

Experts Agree: Candidate and Recruiter Experiences Matter

“If anything, brand experiences are only becoming more important,” says Lauren B Jones, Founder of Leap Consulting Solutions. 

We should think of candidates and recruiters in the same way that we think of consumers because that’s what they are.

Candidates want the consumer experiences they receive elsewhere to be reflected in staffing and recruiting. The pandemic left a lot of job seekers feeling like they lacked control. In offering easy ways to engage with your brand, the ability to navigate intuitively and quickly through a process, and ultimately feel control over each of those steps and engagements, you grant candidates the command and security that they’re searching for.

Whenever your brand can leverage a tool that makes it easy for a candidate to engage, whether to sign up, to work their way through a process, to check their progress, or to find information, you create a competitive advantage. The recent focus on mobile optimization and on-demand staffing has been driven by this new reality.

And remember: recruiters are also consumers. They’re looking for an easy way to track their talent. 

“One of the biggest oversights that I see is a lack of transparency in onboarding. Where are your candidates in the process? What information is missing? Have drug and background checks been completed? When is the next step scheduled? Clients are asking recruiters these questions, which makes a high quality, integrated, and easy-to-leverage onboarding tool every bit as important for your recruiter as it is for your candidate.”


Everyone Deserves a Great First Day

“The recruiter and candidate experience are deeply intertwined,” says Matt Becker, Senior Product Owner at Able.

Searching for and starting a new job can be a stressful experience. It can be made even more so when the hiring process is dependent on fragmented solutions - different portals used for pre-screening, signing forms, and providing bank account information.

Frustrating experiences can lead to increased anxiety for both recruiters and candidates, which can, in turn, lead to increased errors and mistakes, which affects time-to-fill, or worse, contributes to candidate drop off. 

For recruiters who are trying to keep track of which forms need to be sent to which candidates, which credentials need to be assigned, or whether an I-9 needs to be completed remotely, there are ample opportunities for honest mistakes to be made, which can add further stress to the candidate’s onboarding experience.

At Able, we believe that every candidate deserves a great first day. We understand the desire for recruiters and candidates to enjoy great experiences, and the subsequent need for technology companies like ourselves to facilitate them. It’s why we work every day to create the most clever and intuitive onboarding platform possible, and it’s also why we’re so excited to announce our most recent integration.

Great Experiences Start with Integration

The Avionte and Able relationship is the coming together of two best-in-class organizations. Able’s integration with AvionteBOLD will make all of our onboarding functions and features available from within the recruiter interface within BOLD.

This represents a reduction in managing multiple systems and disjointed candidate information. You can manage the Able onboarding process, as well as the entire lifecycle of a candidate, from within the system that your ATS.

It’s an integration that echoes the increasing importance of the experience, both for the candidate and the recruiter. And it's one that allows a recruiter to guarantee the candidate a great first day.

If we've learned anything through the past year, it’s that we need to be flexible, adaptable, and understanding. Able’s integrations are offered in the hope that we bring exactly that to onboarding, and to the broader hiring experience. 

It’s time to make complicated and stressful hiring journeys a thing of the past.