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July 3, 2019

If the Declaration of Independence was adopted using EmployStream

Nearly 250 years ago, our founding fathers came together in Independence Hall to create and sign the Declaration of Independence. This was not a small feat for such an important task considering it was the middle of summer, in Philadelphia. 

Now, imagine a world where your document processing was the same as it was in 1776. Sounds horrific, right? As we reflect back on the history of the Declaration of Independence during this July 4th holiday, let’s think about how our founding fathers could have improved the logistics of the American Revolution using modern technology. 

5 ways our founding fathers could have sped up the process

1. Remove the need for Travel for Collaboration & Signatures 

Pop quiz: How many delegates signed the Declaration of Independence? 56

Coordinating a meeting in 1776 was not as easy as it is today with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. Can you imagine the time it took to spread the word to all 56 Congressmen across the 13 colonies?

E-signature software would have also changed the game! Using a tool like EmployStream not only could have helped gather signatures for Congressmen who were located in New Hampshire or Georgia but with a simple, built-in interview scheduling tool, the invites could have been sent directly through the same system. 

2. Simple Rule-Based Q&A 

Much like modern-day government tax forms, Olde English prose is tough to understand without reading multiple times in order to really understand it. Some things never change, right? To help our nation’s founding fathers quickly sift through the fluff and get down to the nitty-gritty, they could have created a simple Q&A with the terms of the agreement. For example, Do you agree that these United Colonies ought to be Free and Independent States, Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown? Yes or No

3. Mobile Capabilities 

Much like our current legislators, many of our founding fathers were successful lawyers and business owners who were very busy and sought after. Traveling to Philadelphia took valuable time from their businesses and lives, not to mention it was incredibly hot that summer (there’s no air conditioning yet in this fantasy, but there are mobile phones). Our founding fathers could have signed their copies from the comfort of their home offices, or even from their farm fields (if they had service).

4. Getting Signed Copies to Everyone

Could you imagine the King’s reaction upon receiving a signed copy of the Declaration of Independence in his inbox? Users of EmployStream can CC others right from the application to help kick off workflows.

5. Clear Audit Trail and Cloud Storage

Once complete, each signer would be able to access their original copy of the Declaration of Independence, and the document would be forever stored on secure cloud servers (with backups). Even if the King didn’t believe that the colonists had the audacity to declare independence, Thomas Jefferson could have shown him proof with the audit trail that tracks all signatures and fields with IP addresses.

Bless our lucky stars (50) stars that the founding fathers went through the worlds worst processing system so that this beautiful country could be what it is today. While it’s fun to pretend that we could have helped our nation’s founding fathers do their job quicker and more effectively – it’s serious business if you’re stuck in the past and still handing paper packets to your candidates in order to complete their onboarding. It’s time to future-up.

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