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December 7, 2020

Have an Implementation Plan: Fourth Proven Marketing Strategy for Staffing Firms

All the marketing knowledge in the world counts for naught until you put it to use. As the culmination of your staffing firm’s marketing strategy, an implementation plan forms the final critical piece of the puzzle.

We come now to the final chapter of our four-part journey through marketing strategies your staffing firm can no longer afford to ignore. In the previous three articles we’ve tackled web strategy, brand differentiation, and knowing your budget. Today we’ll move forward in the process and look at implementing what we’ve learned.

How does a staffing firm implement marketing strategy? Let’s take a look.


Implementation: just do it

If we can shamelessly borrow a phrase from Nike. If you’re waiting for the ideal time to implement your marketing strategy, you’ve already missed it. The ideal time was yesterday, last week, last year. Every day that you don’t implement a strategic marketing plan is a day wasted. Your competitors move forward while you stay right where you are.

The time is now. It always has been.


Don’t do everything at once

There’s doing too little, then there’s doing too much. You need to do something, but you shouldn’t do everything. Rather than diving in head first, you need to take a more gradual approach to marketing immersion. Dip the toe, test the water, then begin to wade in.


Test, test, and test again

By ‘dipping the toe’ we mean testing.

Test a range of marketing tools – for automation, analytics, engagement, SEO, content creation, and social media scheduling to name but a few – and see which work for you. Most will offer either a free basic plan or a two-week trial, so make use of these freebies.

Use A/B testing to develop your strategy. Offer your audience two different ads, posts, or pieces of content, see which performs best, and develop that idea over another iteration, and another. After a few A/B tests you’ll be left with a surprisingly effective piece of marketing, refined in a surprisingly efficient way.


Marketing Strategy Guide


Develop a timeline

Always go in with a game plan, complete with goals and timelines. There’s no need to rush, but if you are to continue your marketing development it’s wise to implement new tactics on a regular basis – perhaps one every week, month, or quarter. Large firms will have the resources to quickly evolve, while smaller firms might try new things less regularly. Do whatever makes sense for your team.


Make use of free tools

To help you on your way, here is a list of marketing tools that are either trialable, freemium, or entirely free, and that can serve to kickstart, revive, or enhance your firm’s marketing efforts:


And that’s a wrap! We hope you had as much fun journeying through this staffing marketing strategy guide as we did making it. If you’d like to check out the webinar that this series was based on, you can find it  here.