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July 15, 2021

EVENT: Join us for Staffing World on September 28-30

Booth # 610, write it down! It’s where we will be holding down the fort as a sponsor at this year’s biggest staffing conference - Staffing World 2021. Held in-person and nestled in the heart of the Rockies at the Gaylord Center in Denver, the Staffing World conference is going to be the ultimate convergence of industry pros, groundbreaking technology, and priceless insight into the direction and best practices for success in the space. 

Able is the technology leader when it comes to onboarding automation, and Staffing World gives us the opportunity to showcase our product and partners in the ultimate setting, an environment that is live and fast-paced. We work with some of the largest staffing firms in the world, with some of the most unique and complex workflows, in order to get their candidates to work as fast and as efficiently as possible - because everyone deserves a great first day. 

Be sure to catch two of our own share their expertise at the following sessions: 

Using Tech to Build a Strong Office Culture (With or Without an Office)
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 29, 12:30-12:40 p.m.
Speaker: Shawn Gaines, Chief Marketing Officer at Able
About the Tech Talk:

Office culture is important not just from a talent acquisition and retention standpoint for our own team, but as a strategic advantage: building a positive external brand and trying to be a company with whom your customers or candidates want to work.

And according to StaffingHub’s 2021 “State of Staffing” report, office culture matters to you. One of the biggest challenges cited by staffing executives today is managing and retaining office culture — and with recruiter turnover up to a whopping 25%, it’s now a challenge that has a definitive impact on costs and productivity. Plus, COVID’s creating a new host of challenges for building culture with many firms being more remote and taking hybrid approaches.

Anyone can be a change agent to promote a positive cultural shift at your organization. In this Tech Talk, we’ll walk through some of the most effective ways both managers and recruiters can introduce and evangelize technology to cultivate office culture, making it easier (and more fun) for your team to do their jobs, whoever they’re located.

How a Candidate-Focused Onboarding Solution Helped APS Battle Their First Candidate Shortage in 30 Years 
Date: Thursday, Sept. 30, 10:20-10:35 a.m.
Speakers: John Nordness, Director of Technology at Automation Personnel Services and Myriha Burce, Head of Product Marketing at Able
About the Game Changer Presentation:

Dive into a conversation exploring a key issue facing the staffing industry and many staffing professionals over the past year—the volatility of the Covid job market and its long-term impact on the candidate pipeline. Automated Personnel Services (APS) will provide details into how investing in an onboarding platform enabled them to complete their company-wide initiative of moving from 100% paper to 100% digital candidate, reduce time-to-hire by 66%, and achieve operational alignment across multiple branches. Faced with having to look for candidates for the first time in 30 years, APS was ultimately able to avoid hiring new recruiters by decreasing administrative tasks and allowing recruiters to focus on finding new talent.

We look forward to networking and learning with you! 

To find out more about Able or to schedule a live demo, click here.

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