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May 13, 2019

Death by Web Portal: How to Improve the Candidate Experience

You screen, interview, and onboard candidates all day, but have you ever looked at your process through the eyes of the applicant? Have you actually gone through the steps yourself and noted the many places they need to log in or how many times they have to enter information? Candidates apply through one technology, onboard in another, then use completely different systems to fill out background check information, submit I-9 data, upload credentials, complete timesheets, access paystubs … the list goes on.


The buzzword today is candidate experience.

The candidate experience is defined as the collective result of ALL the interactions you have with candidates in the recruitment and hiring process. Competition is tough out there. Why jeopardize the candidate experience by making it hard for candidates to connect with you?

Make sure your process isn’t bogged down with multiple portal logins and is mobile-responsive. Most job seekers, up to 73% of them, say they search for jobs on mobile devices. Imagine having to log in and out of multiple systems on a screen the size of an average smartphone. Think about it. Does your process fit into the 21st century?

How can you improve the candidate experience?

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is the true holy grail of candidate data entry and management. Staffing firms often rely on multiple platforms for candidates to input their information during the hiring and onboarding processes. Because these platforms are not integrated, they will each have individual user logins. Furthermore, effective security practices dictate that those logins contain complicated passwords and are sometimes scheduled to change every three to six months.

Consider how many places there are to lose candidates who get frustrated by the process. What should be a simple process of entering information can turn into a nightmare for those attempting to work through your staffing firm.

Landing Pages

If you don’t have access to the technology that provides single sign-on for candidates, where do you begin? It’s simple enough to create a landing page that can act as a web portal. By putting all pertinent links onto a single page, candidates won’t lose track of important websites. They can then bookmark the landing page to easily access any of the systems they need to log into. This won’t create a seamless experience for the candidate but can ease the burden of your ops teams and leave your candidates with a better taste in their mouth. It’s really just a bandaid, not a solution.

Software Automation

There are a variety of middle office software systems that can aggregate most, if not all, of the candidate and employee data you need to collect. Since candidates and employees are usually only looking for data, and data is easy to manipulate and move, this can dramatically reduce the number of logins. For example, onboarding software used to collect I-9 information, including second signer, or timesheet software that can also be used to request time off or access pay stubs.

Employee self-service is a feature offered by many payroll software systems. It enables employees to take care of tasks like updating personal information, completing tax forms and accessing their payroll and insurance information.

Plus, when those third-party systems integrate with other back-office systems such as your payroll solution and ATS, you can (hopefully) reduce the number of logins dramatically! We can all agree that this should be considered #HiringGoals.

And best of all, when this is done and systems are aggregated, you will have a great candidate experience. An amazing candidate experience would include a mobile-responsive platform, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about products and strategies to improve the candidate experience and streamline the entire hiring process, contact EmployStream. We were built as a systems aggregator so you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Leave the stress to us.