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September 24, 2020

Compliance Automation: How new technology is making businesses more efficient

Does the word compliance send shivers down your spine? If it does, don’t worry—it’s a totally natural reaction to one of the more tedious tasks businesses frequently face. From feeling redundant and stagnant to causing anxiety for fear of being found out of compliance, the process of crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s is more stressful than it should be, especially in healthcare.

The good news is that new technologies are making it easier than ever to complete compliance work accurately and efficiently. Automation is here, and it’s here to stay—which is good news for businesses of all kinds. Healthcare, in particular, faces an extensive checklist when it comes to candidate compliance, making these innovations exceptionally exciting for those in the medical fields.

So, how exactly does compliance automation work, and why is it such a game changer?


Works with ATS Systems

Regardless of how amazing a new technology may be, if it is not compatible with your current workflow, it may present more confusion and difficulty than positivity. Instead, you want to find a program that works with your workflow and enhances it.

Compliance automation is designed to do just that by working with ATS systems. This way, you do not have to completely overhaul your systems and your workflow—simply improve them with the addition of compliance automation.


Saves Time

Is there anything more frustrating than redundant busywork and what feels like wasting valuable time during the workday? While you may be able to list a few things we’re willing to bet that the feeling of treading water at work ranks high on the list, especially when it comes to compliance and the hoops through which you have to jump.

One of the areas where this excess redundancy is most obvious is in re-credentialing existing employees. With the majority of information remaining the same, there is no reason for the re-hiring process to be as tedious and time-consuming as it currently is. Compliance automation can help reduce the amount of work and time that goes into these processes, saving you substantial amounts of time. 


Allows You to Reinvest

Do you know what your employees are not doing when they have to spend a significant amount of time and effort fulfilling monotonous requirements that could be automated? That’s right—actual, valuable work.

When you can cut time from repetitive tasks, you do more than save time and potential headaches—you allow that time to be reinvested elsewhere. In other words, your employees who were once saddled with minimally productive work are now free to contribute to higher-priority tasks that benefit the business in a more tangible way.


Improved Accuracy

Many of the mistakes and oversights that are made regarding compliance are easily avoidable. Often, there is simply a lack of awareness or faulty time management to blame. Compliance automation can determine the need for new documents and even discern when updates to existing credentials are required.

Not only do these features further reduce the amount of time employees must dedicate to such tasks by eliminating the necessity of manual checking, but they also improve the accuracy of your compliance fulfillment by pinpointing exactly what needs to be submitted or updated.


All businesses, especially those in the medical field, must track and deal with requirements that could be considered tedious despite their obvious importance and unfortunate potential consequences. While there is no getting around the compliance requirements placed on employers, there are finally new technologies that can help make the experience a more positive one.

Compliance automation is here, and that should be welcoming news to all businesses. From giving employees the ability to allocate their time to more productive work to improving accuracy and efficiency, the benefits of such systems are many. 

There is no time like the present to begin updating your workflow and improving the efficiency with which your business operates. By upgrading to a compliance automation system that integrates seamlessly with your current ATS system, you can transition to the future of compliance automation today.