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December 4, 2020

Building For What's To Come: Able's December 2020 Release

As we enter the final weeks of the year, we can’t help but reflect back on how much we’ve grown as a company, the strengthening of our relationships with our customers, and the continued evolution of our platform, Able. 

This year was certainly a challenging one. Hiring in general became more complex due to the current economic environment and, of course, a global pandemic. To help staffing and recruiting firms tackle this complexity, we leaned into focusing on the stability of the Able platform. While it hasn’t been a linear path to success, the learnings along the way have helped us continue to grow into the team and technology that our customers can depend on to deliver a great onboarding experience for candidates.  

But now is also a time to look forward. We’re excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities that 2021 will bring for us to continue to push forward on our mission of ensuring everyone has a great first day. Our product focus in 2021 will be expanding our partnerships and integrations to make Able an even more seamless and configurable platform, doubling down on our efforts to stabilize Able’s performance and support, and of course, continuing to evolve the UI and functionality of the Able platform to deliver easy navigation throughout each step of the onboarding process for candidates and recruiters.  

The updates included in our final product release of the year align with the work we’ve continued to build on over the past few months and also lay a great foundation for what’s to come. 


Improvements to Candidate Experience

A key to curbing candidate drop off is making sure their application progress is easily captured and saved. Currently, when candidates make an update to work and education history, after pressing “confirm” in the edit view, candidates are redirected to the list view where they can then select “next” or “save all changes.” The list view is then refreshed; however, there is no confirmation of successfully saved changes. With this update, candidates can now save updates to work and education history by pressing the “confirm” button in the edit view and will also receive a notification indicating success.

Additionally, we want candidates to feel confident and clear as they complete the application and steps in the onboarding process. Notifications from the top-right portion of the Able platform will now indicate to candidates if an action was successful or not and deliver warning messages when applicable.

December Product Release - Blog Post-1


Clear directions and a call to action (CTA) for candidates within the platform can also be the deciding factor between if a candidate successfully moves forward with the application and onboarding process. With this in mind, we’ve added an improved “empty state” for the Work and Education history section of the candidate profile. To prevent candidates from being unclear on next steps when completing this section, there is now a clear CTA and a description of what information needs to be provided. 

December Product Release - Blog Post-3


Enhancements to E-Verify Experience and Reporting

We realize that inconveniently placed clicks can be more than a minor annoyance, sometimes adding up to recruiter time lost when reviewing multiple candidate applications. To that end, we’ve updated the placement and display style of the e-Verify case details to provide a better user experience, moving the “back” button to the top left of the screen for more intuitive navigation.

December Product Release - Blog Post

We also wanted to provide a more comprehensive version of the I-9 Digest report that would give you a complete view of action items pertaining to pending e-Verify cases. The I-9 Digest emails, which currently provide a snapshot of in-progress I-9 Section 1s and I-9 Section 2s, will now also show the number of e-Verify cases that were not immediately authorized for employment and require additional action.

December Product Release - Blog Post-4


Candidate Pay Options Update

Missing candidate information can easily snowball into a bottleneck of follow-up candidate phone calls and emails, eventually impacting your time to hire. To curb additional candidate follow-up from Able administrators to track down missing financial institution information, we’ve now added functionality that makes “Bank Name” a required field in the Pay Options view. Administrators will have the option to enable or disable this field requirement; however, the default will be “disabled” and will not change unless an administrator enables this option. 

December Product Release - Blog Post-1

December Product Release - Blog Post


For more details on this month's release, including additional enhancements and fixes, please check out our December product release notes here

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