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April 30, 2021

Able’s May 2021 Release Part I: Enhanced Secure Access via Auth0, Feature Indicators and More


Updated Password Requirements for Secure Access

As we continue to work through our product roadmap, expanding the features and functionality available in Able, we are simultaneously strengthening the security of our platform. In addition to the completion of our SOC 2 Type 2 certification earlier this year, we are excited to introduce in this release an enhanced, secure access experience enabled through Auth0.

Auth0 will implement a new level of password complexity requirements, making your Able instance more secure and allowing you to deliver an overall more trusted experience for your candidates. New password requirements will include: 

  • 8+ characters
  • At least one special character
  • Lowercase, uppercase, and number
  • Password dictionary preventing use of commonly used/exploited passwords
  • Can’t reuse last two  passwords
  • Can’t use your email/name/personal information as part of your password

You will notice a slight UI change to your recruiter/administrator login page in the Able platform (see images below). However, the login information is the same as required before the update. New accounts and password resets will now prompt for the new password requirements.

Previous Login UI                                                                               New Login UI



In-App Beta and Deprecated Feature Indicators 

Within the System Settings management tool in Able, we have now enabled feature indicators to alert customers of what new features are coming to the platform, as well as which features will soon no longer be available. 

Features flagged as “Beta” are still undergoing testing, subject to user feedback and acceptance, and have not yet been “officially” released. Users will see beta feature indicators in the platform in light grey with dark grey text with a tooltip text with additional details. Indicators will have a date in parentheses showing when the feature will be exiting Beta phase.

Features flagged as “Deprecated” are in the process of being replaced by a new and improved feature. Users will see deprecated feature indicators in the platform in yellow with white text with a  tooltip text with additional details. Indicators will also have a date in parentheses showing when the feature will be replaced.


We see these new indicators as an additional way to keep our customers in the loop on long-term and short-term changes happening within the platform, how we are measuring against our roadmap for specific features updates/upgrades throughout the remainder of the year, and keeping our ear tuned to the feedback that matters the most—yours.


Improvements to the I-9/E-Verify Experience

This release includes several minor updates to the I-9 and E-Verify experience within the platform focused on adding clarity and consistency in language and data, which are ultimately key pieces to ensuring compliance. 

Adoption of “Authorized Representative” Terminology

Throughout the application, the term "Second Signer" will be replaced with "Authorized Representative" to match the appropriate wording on the I-9 form.

Faster, More Accurate “Issuing Authority” Completion 

In I-9 Section 2, the “Issuing Authority” dropdown will now be an autocomplete field to make sure users are accurately selecting the correct information for non-U.S. passports.

Improved Required Field Validation 

In I-9 Section 2, required fields that are incomplete will now be highlighted in red alongside an error label and supporting toast notification when attempting to submit. We’ve also extended support for explicitly marking Document ID as N/A, by pressing the “Document Number is Not Applicable” checkbox.


For more details on this release, including additional enhancements and fixes, please check out our product release notes here.


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