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April 16, 2021

Able’s April 2021 Release Part II: Admin Credential Management, the I-9 Digest and More

In case you missed the news, here at Able we recently shifted to a bi-weekly release cadence, which will allow us to introduce important new features and functionality on a more frequent basis—hence, why we’re bringing you Part II of the April 2021 release! We think this shift will also allow us to respond faster to customer needs, engage customers more closely in testing out new updates and ultimately make the Able platform an even stronger onboarding solution for your day-to-day needs. 

The second part of the April release includes improvements to the credential experience for administrators, new adds to the I-9 Digest, and an update to the form location manager search capabilities. A full list of the updates included in this release can be found in the release notes on Fresh Desk, but check out some of the key highlights below. 

Credential Administration: Experience Enhancements

In our March 2021 release, “The Credentialing Refresh: Able’s March 2021 Release” we introduced an enhanced candidate experience of credentialing in the Able platform that offered a more intuitive user interface, allowing candidates to manage their current credentials and fulfill new credential requests via two primary views, the credential list view and the add/edit credential view.

However, we know that the candidate experience is only one side of the equation. This release offers a number of improvements to the credential administrator experience that will enable administrators to work faster. The Manage Credentials view (Configuration > Credentials)  will now load faster with supporting pagination, sorting on all columns, search functionality, syncing with the ATS system, and the ability to edit the data inside the rows, helping administrators to review and manage credentials more efficiently.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 11.30.37 AM

ABLE-42 – 8


I-9 Digest: Document Receipt Expirations 

We’re continuously looking for ways to enhance the information we provide in the I-9 Digest; it provides a very quick and easy snapshot of what’s happening in your I-9 workflows and is helpful for staying on top of this critical part of the onboarding process. Late last year, we also added data to the digest that highlights the open number of E-Verify cases that need attention. The I-9 Digest email will now go a step further in helping recruiters stay up to date on submitted document receipts by including a count of all items that are expiring within the next 90 days.


Form Management: Removing Deleted Forms in Location Manager

To prevent selection of disabled/deleted forms for customers that have form location manager enabled, we’ve removed the option to search and select deleted forms when navigating through configuration > forms > location configuration. Only active forms will now be searchable in the location manager. 


You can also check out the updates that were included in the first April product release in Able's April 2021 Release: Managing Your I-9 and E-Verify Data Your Way.  


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