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April 2, 2021

Able’s April 2021 Release: Managing Your I-9 and E-Verify Data Your Way

Able’s ability to enable candidates and recruiters to complete remote I-9s Section 1 and 2, supported by an E-Verify integration, is one of the most popular features of our platform. Our customers consistently talk about the critical importance of I-9 compliance, and how using Able has helped streamline this process through the automated workflows, e-signature capabilities, and our mobile-first UI, which allows candidates to complete the necessary forms while on the go.  For example, when Corporate Brokers, a staffing firm that specializes in both IT and call center staffing, was looking for better options for I-9 compliance, they turned to Able and decreased onboarding time by 83%.  

Considering the wealth of candidate data that must be collected and managed during the I-9 and E-Verify processes, we know that continuing to enhance the ways that this data can be reviewed, analyzed, and ultimately acted upon is mission critical. Beyond the importance of providing a candidate and recruiter experience that is as simple as possible, the legal parameters and potential fines for I-9 errors and noncompliance continue to be staggering—in 2019, employers found to be in violation of Form I-9 requirements faced $14 million in total fines.

Able’s April release features several updates to the E-Verify Dashboard and I-9 Sections 1 and 2 that support smarter data management, removing unnecessary steps and clicks in workflows, and empowering recruiters to get exactly what they need from the data faster.

Filtering Cases on the E-Verify Dashboard: Case Number, Applicant Name and More 

To help facilitate rapid recruiter solution of E-Verify issues or follow ups, we’ve now made locating E-Verify cases a lot easier by adding functionality that allows them to be searched and filtered several ways from the E-Verify Dashboard: 

  • By assigned case number
  • By searching applicant first and last name 
  • By Notify-By Date Range (start+end range date fields; default: empty)
  • By Case Status (default: open, closed enabled)
  • By Eligibility (default: incomplete, authorized enabled) 


Linking Applicant Details to the E-Verify Dashboard 

To further help simplify the steps in your E-Verify workflow, we have now also updated the E-Verify Dashboard to link directly to the applicant details/full profile. 

I-9 Section 2: Pre-filling the “Your Occupation/Job Title” Field for Applicant Assigned Authorized Representatives 

We have updated the functionality for the “Applicant Assigned” I-9 interface, which will now automatically pre-fill the “Occupation/Job Title” field when the applicant assigns the name and email address for the Authorized Representative completing Section 2 on their behalf. The Authorized Representative will no longer need to update this field when completing Section 2.  


I-9 Section 2 – Document Filtering Based on Employee Attestation 

Authorized Representatives will now be able to view Identity and Employment Authorization documents that apply to an employee given their stated attestation through filtering capabilities across List A, List B, and List C. Administrators can enable this functionality through Settings > Form I-9 & E-Verify > Filter Identity and Employment Authorization Document Lists based on Attestation. The default for this setting will be Off.


For more details on this month's release, including additional enhancements and fixes, please check out our April product release notes here.

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