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June 30, 2021

The June 2021 Product Highlight: Managing I-9 COVID-19 Extensions


As we wrap up the first half of the year, our product focus for June was continuing to up-level the I-9 experience within the Able platform. This month we introduced additional support to the recruiter experience as it pertains to managing the COVID-19 extensions that took place over the past year.

The Background

In March 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, DHS announced flexibility in requirements related to form I-9 compliance. Under this DHS guidance, employers are allowed to add a “COVID” notation in the Additional Information field of the Section 2, indicating that due to COVID-19, the employee’s identity and employment authorization documents have not yet been reviewed in the employee’s physical presence, or documents may be expired. 

Employers that utilized the government’s temporary flexibility of I-9 requirements due to COVID must complete follow up actions once normal business operations resume or once the temporary policy is lifted, whichever action comes first. 

What Is Able’s COVID-19 Extensions View? 

Able’s new COVID-19 extensions view help’s support this pending I-9 follow-up process by providing recruiters with the supporting functionality to review and take action on I-9s which contain a COVID notation. 

The COVID Extensions view, which can be found under WFM > I-9/E-Verify > COVID Extensions, shows a table consisting of information required to determine whether an I-9 requires revision. Filtering is also supported on this view using the standard filter/search interface.



The I-9 COVID Extensions view allows for filtering the data set on the Created Range of a given I-9, as well as an Employee Name which supports searching on First Name and Last Name likeness.



In what scenario (s) would recruiters need to revise Section 2 or Section 3?

If any of the COVID exceptions that the government provided were used when processing the form I-9, a revision to Section 2 or Section 3 may be necessary.  For example, if an expired List B identity document was accepted, recruiters will need to revise Section 2 when the employee provides an original unexpired identity document.  

Another example would be if the recruiter remotely verified the employee’s documents , they will need to revise Section 2 when normal operations resume and the employee provides original physical documents.

If the employee’s Additional Information field in Section 2 contains a COVID notation and the employee’s record also has a completed Section 3 associated with it, both may require a revision.  In the case where recruiters need to remotely verify an employee’s documents for Section 3 re-verification of work authorization, the recruiter will need to revise Section 3 once normal operations resume when their employee provides an original physical work authorization document.

For more details on the Able's COVID-19 Extensions View please check out our early June product release notes here.

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