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April 13, 2019

8 Ways to Make the Candidate Experience Less Painful for Everyone

Everyone can relate to a bad candidate experience when searching for a job—confusing forms, long applications to fill out, no feedback and lack of communication slowing you down. With Millennials now comprising the largest share of the workforce, this will no longer fly. Having an unengaging hiring experience will lower revenue, decrease referrals and hurt your firm in the long run.

Candidate engagement is a practice that everyone should have a hand in, and it’s best when embraced across your office. There is no need to be losing these valuable opportunities any longer. Get your team on board and ready to launch a great experience by understanding (and addressing) these eight candidate engagement pain points. In the end, they will thank you, too.

Application Drop Off

First impressions are everything for your company, and if you have a complicated application, your talent will run the opposite way. 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of length or complexity, according to a CareerBuilder study. To prevent this drop-off at the beginning of your process, provide constant engagement to keep your talent in the feedback loop. Help your talent see their progress visually with clear stages of completion in a mobile-friendly form—meeting your candidates where they are without adding burden to your recruiters.  

Interview No Shows

Scheduling and facilitating interviews takes time and money, and when your talent “no-shows” for an interview, it’s a waste of revenue and resources. In a traditional process, you may be cold calling and sending email reminders that could be caught in spam. Personally, I rarely ever pick up phone calls from unidentifiable numbers or open emails that I don’t recognize. A calendar feature like the one in Engage  allowing for interview scheduling, preparation, feedback and reminders, however, offering your candidates a one-stop-shop for their interview experience. It’s as easy as your talent pulling out their smartphone and opening the EmployStream portal, saving face for your company.

Incomplete Onboarding

It’s 2019—paper documents and forms are a thing of the past. Only 12% of employees agree that their company does a good job of onboarding it’s employees, so if you’re not digitally driven or engaging, you too are missing the mark on key referrals and talent satisfaction. Features like individualized automated pre-screening, engaging reminders and real-time feedback requests can allow your company to take its onboarding process from the Stone Age to the 21st century, and avoid headaches in the process.

Increased Time-to-Fill

Any pen and paper-based process is outdated and wastes your resources. By filling out pages of paperwork, your talent gets easily frustrated and you your business suffers when you can’t onboard as efficiently as you should. By decreasing time-to-fill through automation of applications and form fills, your candidates can breeze through required checkpoints and sections. Instead of having recruiters spending hours manually inputting information, organizing it and keeping files in cabinets, have everything you need digitized and at your fingertips for the most convenient, easy access for everyone involved.

Assignment No Shows

Whether it’s simple forgetfulness or blatant disregard, no-shows unfortunately happen… and it doesn’t reflect well on your business. Engagement can be the key to decreasing the no-show rate, however.Communication has never been so important to business. In fact, 84% of Millennials said an open communication policy was more important than perks (such as top health plans, free food, and gym memberships) in choosing a job. If your company isn’t keeping your talent up to date with alerts and feedback, the perception of your firm isn’t as positive as it could be, and the opportunity for mistakes and misunderstandings is multiplied.. Through assignment reminders, visual calendars and first-day welcomes, your talent will feel motivated to start assignments on the right foot, feeling  connected and engaged at all points in the process.

Assignment Drop Off

So your candidate has started their assignment… now it’s time to close the drop-off loop once and for all. After jobs have been assigned, it’s imperative to keep up high-touch communication throughout your candidate’s job tenure. Automate those processes through gamified assignment reminders and job offer visuals. A study shows that visuals increase retention by 42 percent for Millennials, so make sure you keep them motivated to complete tasks and follow through with visuals including feedback, updates and encouragement. When you have a good candidate you can retain and redeploy later with minimal work required for recruiters, you’ll be glad that you did.  

Lost Redeployments and Referrals

These previous 7 steps all lead up to what your company most needs to rise above the competition: positive referrals. 64 percent of applicants will share negative experiences with friends and family, and as a Millennial who takes customer experience very seriously, I can attest that this couldn’t be more true. It’s the details that matter—automated work anniversary and first-day messages, company content updates, new job alerts and a constant feeling of connectivity to the staffing firm. These seemingly small features are things you cannot forget if you want to keep your candidates engaged, loyal and think positively about your company. And if you want them to send you their spoken-for friends. And once they do, be sure you can track referrals and make sure your talent is satisfied every step of the way.

EmployStream is here to help your company through every pain point in the candidate journey. From your talent’s first impression with your firm to employee redeployments and referrals. We are here to automate and onboard your clients to make them work faster and smarter while making sure your recruiters can focus on recruiting, not managing all the details in the process. Why keep throwing away resources and revenue throughout the candidate journey? The issues aren’t that hard to fix. Learn more today by clicking here.