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April 29, 2021

5 Features to Look For In An Electronic I-9 Solution

Electronic I-9 management solutions can improve the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of your organization’s I-9 process — and overall onboarding process. However, there are key features to look for when selecting your solution. Let’s take a moment to discuss the critical features of a strong electronic I-9 solution.

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1. Remote Completion of FORM I-9 Section I, 2 and 3

Arguably, one of the most important features of any electronic I-9 solution you’re considering is the ability to complete I-9s remotely during the onboarding process. Remote I-9s minimize the messiness of paperwork and offer several key points of convenience throughout the process including, allowing employees to complete Section I at the location of their choice, while recruiters can quickly move forward Section 2 and when applicable Section 3, through remote designation of authorized representatives.

2. E-Signature Support 

Electronic signature, or e-signature as it’s commonly referred to, is a must-have for your electronic I-9 solution, for obvious reasons, including that employees must have a secure and trusted way of signing the I-9 remotely. However, it is also critical for auditing purposes; when an employee signs through e-signature, the system must record the time, date, and identity of the person signing and include an attestation from the signer.

3. E-Verify Integration

E-Verify integration is essential for a seamless, end-to-end electronic I-9 experience as it is one of the final key steps in the process. The E-Verify system verifies the employee’s identity and employment eligibility as identified on their Form I-9 by comparing it with records available to the Social Security Administration or Department of Homeland Security.  

4. Audit Trail

A strong electronic I-9 solution will ensure that you have a critical element in place should your organization be audited — audit trails. The audit trail enables your organization or the auditor to track every change made to a record and identify who made the change to help guarantee data integrity and accuracy.

5. State and Federal Form Management

Staying on top of state and federal forms and updating them in your onboarding process takes time. Time that you don't have. Partner with a company that manages these changes for you and automatically updates the forms you need digitally in order to stay compliant. 

Overall, having an electronic remote onboarding and I-9 process is essential to keep your staffing firm moving forward. 

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