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October 15, 2017

4 Things to Consider When It Comes to Your Company's Job Board

There are so many options for posting jobs online.  Major job boards and social media outlets provide access to millions of jobs daily.  But if you are a high-volume employer such as a staffing or retail company, having your internal pipeline of candidates is the key to filling open positions fast.

If you are evaluating the current state of your company’s job board or looking to implement a new one, be sure to consider the following points to maximize your investment:

  1. ATS Integration: Can you post jobs directly from your ATS to your job board?  Copying and pasting should not be necessary and only creates an unnecessary burden on the poster.  Once posted, all online applications should come directly back into the ATS for review.
  2. Ease of Application: Nothing is more disheartening to an applicant than when they upload their resume and then get prompted time after time requesting the same information.  To provide the best applicant experience, parse information from the applicant’s resume rather than requiring them to re-key it.  In addition, you may allow applicants to sign up using other authorized third parties such as LinkedIn and Indeed.
  3. Social integration: Can you share jobs directly from your job board to top social media site?  To maximize the social network of your recruiters and employees, you should be able to easily share all of your jobs across key social networks.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all must-haves.  Other networks may be useful depending on your niche.
  4. Ease of navigation: To accommodate the widest variety of users, provide more than one option for job searching.  While some users would like a keyword search, others would prefer to drill-down through a list of categories.  Some searching by location will type in City and State, others will use Zip Code.  Providing more than one option is key. Testing can be used to get a better idea of what your particular user base prefers.

For more information, we have also written a blog called “How to make your candidate experience not suck.” It goes a bit deeper into the candidate journey.