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Bringing it all together with Able Unify

Build your HR tech stack with integrations and workflows that automate the redundant processes plaguing your staffing operations team. One platform. Multiple solutions. A unified experience for candidates and recruiters alike.

What is Able Unify?

Able Unify is an integrations platform enabling out-of-the-box and custom integrations with multiple staffing and HR systems through our staple onboarding solution. Users can quickly create workflows between multiple apps with a few clicks — eliminating disparate systems, data, and experiences.


Simplify and Scale the hiring journey

Deliver one repeatable process for recruiters and a streamlined experience for candidates as they move beyond onboarding to the other systems supporting your hiring operations — and their data moves with them. 


Automate Processes with no fuss

Empower teams across the organization to build automation workflows with simple "If This, Then That" logic, alleviating IT resources and decreasing the time to implementation.  


Create an Integrated System That Works for you

Access a growing library of pre-built integrations and automation workflows or opt for a more tailored experience to fit the exact needs of your staffing and hiring operations. 

Connect with us to learn more about Able Unify today